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The Lawn Care Services Necessary For Having A Great Yard

Many individuals think that it is hard to believe that people pay out thousands every year just for their lawns and gardens. Because people believe that lawn care doesn’t require a lot of attention and that once the grass, flowers and shrubs are planted, they would grow and bloom in the course of time without exceptional demands.

However, in domestic jobs, lawn care would be one of the most demanding jobs out there. If you have frequently walked across wonderful houses with clean manicured lawns and unless you have cared for something similarly wonderful, you can never measure the endeavors that one must have gone through while making and caring for it. Still, the measure of time one has to contribute relies on the size of the lawn. It wouldn’t demand a lot of time for a small lawn and if there is someone that is willing to help you, then surely you can get things in order with no inconvenience. But if you have a vast lawn space, then you would need to deploy a few workers to deal and take care of your plants and trees. So if you are one of those people or businesses that is looking for the best lawn care services – Cutting Edge Yard Service is here to help. You can give us a call at 217 899-0091. We are here to help.

The attractiveness of your lawn depends on how you give effort on it.

It also involves a lot of planning, arranging and hard work at the first stage. Once the plants and shrubs are set up and completely developed, all you have to do is to take care of it and always make them well-maintained. Alternatively stated, when you build a lawn, you will require more lawn care assistance or improvements on it. Above all, you have to guarantee that the soil is ideal for your lawn. And if it isn’t so, then you ought to purchase the right kind of soil and make the area sufficiently prolific to bolster all the vegetation. These are the essential aspects that influence the whole lifespan of a lawn and to alter these matters you need the expert’s opinion. These lawn care team will assist you and help you establish the best foundation for your lawn yet another critical obligation that requires special lawn care services. Particularly, if your lawn is constructed near your home, the special care will be taken so as to keep the plants and weeds from hosting harmful pests.

A flawlessly cut and well-maintained lawn has numerous uses. It is an incredible spot for parties or simply a place to unwind with family or companions. The atmosphere of your lawn and its scene will influence your mood and it can absolutely make your home the best spot to live.

On occasions, for some people caring for their yard can be entirely addictive as well. Some people spend the whole day caring for plants, shrubs and looking and enjoying a variety of flowers in their garden. For them, it’s a subject matter of unending interest. They always enjoy gathering and collecting unusual plants, including beautiful designer plants and blossoming trees for embellishing their gardens. Additionally, some go as far to the state that they have developed fake fish lakes and fountains to make the scene more beautiful.

We Love Working With Sherman Illinois Businesses And Homeowners

We are always grateful for all the new customers that seem to find their way to our business. We really appreciate the new business and in general enjoy working with almost everyone.  We have been very fortunate to have gotten several new clients in Sherman IL, and I must say these people are great!  They are friendly and very appreciative of the work we have done for them.  We have added a map of the coverage area that we service below. You will probably have to hit the “+” sign with your mouse to make it a bit bigger.  This is the most northern part of the area that we provide service to, but we are so thankful for our commercial and residential customers here.

If you are a business owner or a homeowner and are looking for a highly competent lawn care companies that is locally owned and highly rated by it’s customers, then please give us a call at (217) 899-0091 and we will be glad to come by and give you a free no obligation price quote.  We have a page on our website dedicated to Sherman Illinois and you can find it here : https://www.cuttingedgeyardservice.com/lawn-care-sherman-il/

If you need some general information about our lawn care then you can find that on this page of our Google My Business  

Cutting edge truck and trailer near garage_editedYou will usually recognize us if you see our trucks that look like this.

Lawn Care In Pawnee Illinois – One Of Our Favorite Communities

We have been checking out some of the areas that we have customers in, and we love the people we work with in Pawnee IL  It is just one of those friendly towns with friendly down to earth people.  We recently made a map of our service area and this includes everyone inside the town as well as those in the 62558 zip code.

If you live in this area and are needing help with your yard, please give us a call at 217 899 0091.  We are very glad to give FREE NO OBLIGATION Estimates.  You can check us out online at lawn care in Pawnee Illinois for more information.

Pruning Springfield IL | Facts That Businesses and Homeowners Need To Know

We get asked many times, when is the best time to prune my trees and shrubs. Experts like us at Cutting Edge Yard Service know that the answer to that question depends upon what plant, bush or tree you are talking about. Pruning roses needs to be done differently than pruning apple trees or pruning shrubs.  For those of you in Springfield IL and Chatham IL and surrounding  towns that do not already know about pruning, let us explain what pruning is and why homeowners or businesses should consider getting their trees, shrubs and plants pruned.

Pruning Basic Information And Facts

Professional Pruning In Springfield ILSimply stated, pruning is the horticultural term used for the careful removal or cutting of specific parts of a tree or plant such as branches, buds or roots. Pruning in Springfield can be done on a preventative basis and on a maintenance basis. For the promotion of the health of the plant, the removal of dead or dying branches, whether caused by insects, animals or weather is important. Sometimes branches rub together and would also benefit from pruning. In addition to promoting health, pruning is done to improve the aesthetics of landscape, such as to aid in flower development, maintain healthy, dense hedges and bushes, and to shape gardens and improve the general appearance of all growth in your yard, from the smallest plants to the largest trees.

Here is some additional variety specific information about pruning that you may find helpful.

Pruning should be undertaken at certain times depending on the plant, tree, or bush involved. Late in the dormant season, in late winter, just before the beginning Pruning Roses In A Springfield IL Yardof spring growth is ideal in most instances. Some trees with free flowing sap, such as maple, birch and walnut, pruning is best done in late spring or early summer. Early blooming shrubs and trees should be pruned immediately after they have finished blooming. If you have a magnolia, chokecherry, lilac, azalea or cherry tree this applies to you.

Juniper Pruing In Springfield After Harsh Winter
Juniper Pruning In Springfield After Harsh Winter

Shrubs grown for cover versus flowering appearance should be pruned every spring before growth resumes. Some examples here are sumac, honeysuckle and barberry. Evergreens and pines seldom need pruning. However, special pruning can promote a more dense growth, if that’s what you prefer. These species can be pruned at any time.

Finally, some species grow all year round, such as arborvitae, hemlocks and junipers and they can be pruned a bit later- any time through the middle of summer.


Here is a homeowner that in Chatham IL that just kept putting off their pruning and ended up with a HUGE project on their hands.  Don’t wait this long and be left with this kind of mess!

Long OverDue Pruning Project
Long Overdue Pruning Project In Chatham IL

As you can see, depending on what flowering plants, bushes or trees that are used to help beautify you yard pruning can be an ongoing event. One challenge for many homeowners and businesses is knowing exactly what is growing in their yard. Species identification is vital in regards to proper care and maintenance. We at Cutting Edge Yard Service in Springfield are pruning experts. Just give us a call and we will come out and evaluate your yard, identify your plants, bushes and trees and help to set up a schedule that includes pruning and will help keep your yard beautiful and healthy year after year. We provide pruning services to residents and businesses in Springfield Illinois, Chatham IL, Sherman IL and everyone in the 62701, 62702, 62703, 62704, 62707, 62711, 62712, 62629, 62615, 62558, 62530, 62536, 62561 and 62684 zip codes.  Check out more about our great lawn care certified reviews.

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brown dead grass in Springfield

Knowing What Causes Lawn Grass Damage and How to Prevent It From Happening

Nobody wants a lawn filled with brown dead grass. It’s just not appealing, and denotes a negative perspective to the lawn owners. Thus, here are some reasons for dying grass and what can be done to nourish it so that it will look better.  You can see the image of the brown grass on thebrown grass 62704

right side of this page.  Too many people let their lawns go to the place where they look like this.  This is definitely something that you do not want to happen to your yard.  This ugly looking grass will reflect poorly upon your house in the neighborhood.

Drought is one of the major and common reasons of dying grass.

It is a very common concern throughout the country, generally happening during the summer. One common mistake people make during summer season is not watering their lawn. When there is not enough rain to wet the ground, it could spell out disaster for lawn grass. Do we have a solution for dead grass? If the grass is totally dead, then there is no way of bringing them back to life. But when the grass is just dormant, constant irrigation for a month or more will surely bring them back.  Water the lawn regularly during summer, but be sure to water them deeply. Shallow watering may result to weaker roots, and these roots will definitely dry out in the summer heat. Thus, an inch of water enables grass to have deeper roots. Water only when necessary and when the grass appears to be wilted.

Thatch Can Be A Problem.

Thatch is decomposed cut grass or other plant substance that accumulate around the grasses. Most of the time, thatch is the reason for dry or brown areas in lawns. Removing deep and thick thatch, and retaining only three-fourths of an inch, will help grass breathe.  This is an area that lawn aeration can help.  If you are in need of fertilization and weed control in springfield IL then please check out our Springfield lawn care service page.

You need to understand some basic information about proper mowing.

Mowing is basically the most common way of taking care of the lawn, but improperly carrying out of the job can be a disaster. During the summer, regularly mow your lawn, but leave the grass with 2 ½ – 3 inches of length to sustain their growth in the heat without drying their roots.

Proper Fertilization and weed control is important in making your lawn look green and lush.

Too much watering, too much fertilization and obvious negligence will always damage your lawn, because these will attract pests and damage the plants. We have allotted a whole page on our main website about this issue.  Please check us out on one of our many Google my business pages.


Here are a few miscellaneous issues you must be aware of also.

  1. For lawns adjacent to roads, salt damage is pretty common. Soaking these areas with water may help dilute the salt, but when and if the damage is very serious, you have to consider reseeding that particular lawn area.
  2. Your pets may relieve themselves in areas of your lawn. If this happens, you have to constantly water the area until the grass recovers, and consequently discipline your pets.
  3. Noticeable scattered brown segments in the lawn may be caused by fungi. There are so many kinds of fungi that can damage the lawn, and when that happens you will have to call in the experts.

If you live in or around the Springfield IL area and are looking for a high quality lawn care provider to help maintain your yard and get it looking great then please give us a call at (217) 899-0091 or check us click the link here and fill out our from to get a free lawn care estimate: https://www.cuttingedgeyardservice.com/free-estimate/

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Our Lawn Care Videos Playlist For Springfield Illinois and Surrounding Cities

We have put together our best lawn care videos into a playlist of the most informative and important ones that we think will be helpful for homeowners and businesses in or around Springfield IL decide what we do and how we do it.  The first video is our home page video and represents us across the range of our services.  It features Brad Thompson one of the owners.


The other videos show different aspects of our business including fertilization and weed control, lawn mowing, core aeration and other services that we perform on a regular basis.  You can check out more of our videos on our YouTube Channel.  We would appreciate it if you would watch those videos so it could help you decide why we ARE the best lawn care provider for you home or business in this area.

Give us a call today at 217-899-0091 to find out exactly what we can do for you and how reasonably priced we are or you can contact us online by filling out our form for a free no obligation price quote


Tips For Getting Your Lawn Ready At Fall

Winter is still pretty far away and we know it is not the most likeable season for homeowners because obviously it is getting cold and nasty and to a business like ours we know that the weather change can ruin lawns! For an unprepared lawn-owner, winter can be brutal and difficult but with ample knowledge and preparedness winter doesn’t have to ruin everything. Not that winter is the antagonist but lawns just don’t love them.

There are different seasons around the country and no matter whether you live in the colder area or the sunnier area; it is the best interest of the lawn owner to take advantage of the fall to prepare the lawn to provide for after the winter. Basically there are so little variations on how to approach the lawn in these different seasons, so here is the checklist you definitely must have to take proper care of your lawn after winter.

  • Fertilizing. Giving the grass very sturdy roots is the best way for plants to be protected from weeds, insects and other parasitic elements. But be very informed with the fertilizer that you are using; apparently the fertilizer you must be acquiring is definitely for winter and  there is specific Fall Lawn Food that might be the best for you.

  • Watering. It doesn’t mean that summer has ended and that watering of plants is also finished. Until the first sting of cold, the lawns in the Northern part should be watered. For lawn owners down South, watering the lawn every 2-3 weeks until the ground starts to freeze is necessary.
  • Seeding. Grasses can actually be warm-season or cool-season. Warm-season grasses are for spring and summer and cool-season grasses are planted in fall. Overseeding comes after aeration and thatching, and you must take advantage of this to repair portions of the lawn; and to make it easier GreenView Lawn Repair combines seeding, mulching and fertilizing for you.

  • Maintaining. Trimming your lawn grasses for the winter is essential. Cold hampers the growth of the grasses but then the grasses must be long enough to insulate themselves and short enough to carry the weight of the snow. For Northern areas the length of the grasses must be 1 ½ inches to 2 inches and grasses for Southern areas be trimmed into 2 inches to 2 ½ inches.

The falling leaves provide the dilemma of raking them or mulching them. There are actually benefits to both. Raking the leaves is practical as most experts say because they block necessary elements such as air and light from getting to your grasses. Mulching a very thin layer of leaves will decompose and act as fertilizers to the grasses and further protection. fall clean up

If you are needing any care for your lawn in or around the Springfield IL area, then please give us a call at 217 899-0091   We would love to give you a free estimate.



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Chatham Illinois

The Best Choice For Residential And Commercial Lawn Care In Chatham IL

If you are looking for lawn care in the Chatham Illinois area then we are a great choice.  Please check out one of our videos here:


Cutting Edge Yard Service is a locally owned company. Our management team has over thirty five years of professional experience in lawn care and landscape services area. Our team is strictly composed of highly trained individuals with the best qualifications. These personnel have undergone strenuous hiring processes because the qualifications of our staff demand so much more than skills and trainings. We value professionalism so much that you will be absolutely comfortable as we work in your yard. We understand that you have to be incredibly careful with the people you hire and gaining your trust is very important to us.  We are the professionals who are the best suited to do the job professionally and will take the same amount of time taking care of your lawn as we would take of our own yard.

At Cutting Edge Yard Service, we value our customers and services so much that we always want to make our customers’ lawns and landscape the best in their area. The look of their lawn has become the business card of ours.

The services on which we are offering ranges from:


Weed control

Lawn mowing

Clean-ups both spring and fall (and any other time needed)


Vegetation control

Mulch supply and installation

Bed weed control

Over-seeding (usually done along with lawn aeration) – and so much more.

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We can always devise a plan based upon what services your lawn needs. We do BIG jobs and we do small jobs. We work with home owners and also commercial property owners. Let us know your needs and we can accommodate your needs.  Give us a call today.  You can also visit our Chatham lawn care page.


Seasonal Lawn And Yard Cleanups

Dried LeavesSpring and fall clean-ups may seem easy for lawn homeowners because it evolves just picking dried leaves or getting rid of sticks in the yard or some other easy task. But proper cleanup does not only involve picking up leaves, it is more than that. There are a lot of factors to consider in the cleanups that may be missed and will mess up your lawn.  Also, not all home owners have the capacity and time to do these things.

In fact, many household don’t have the man power and the physical attributes to do the lawn. And even when there are or is, they do not have the enough knowledge and skills to do it right. Consider also that as working individuals, they probably do not want to spend their weekend cleaning up the lawn and thus leaving the job to professionals who can handle it better like we can at Cutting Edge Yard Service.

With all these points taken to convince to leave the work to the professionals, we do not replace the homeowners of this job because the enumerated reasons but we have taken into considerations the proper way to do the cleanup. During this service, our staff will not only pick up leaves and debris and other foreign elements in your lawn. Your lawn will have to undergo treatments to prepare it for the transition it will suffer as the season changes. We have to consider here the health of the soil. Basically, cleanup may lead to fertilization, aeration, and weed control.

Home LawnAlthough the job seem very simple to an ordinary person, the science of ensuring that the lawn is properly nourished, taken care of and prepared for its best ability to grow plants is downright complicated. One thing that might be a big problem also if the homeowner will have to take care of the lawn debris is the disposal of these debris. With us, you won’t have to worry about these and you will just have to adore your lawn in whatever season may come.

If you are in need of a spring clean up or a fall clean up and live somewhere in the vicinity of Springfield IL then please give us a call.  We always give FREE No Obligation estimates.  Our services are guaranteed and we are backed by over 35 years of experience and lots of happy repeat customers.

So give us a call at (217) 899-0091 or check out more on our home website here:


Here is what one of our customers had to say about his experience with a Fall Yard Cleanup:


Organic Fertilizer From Yard Waste

Organic Fertilizers That You Can Use

We value the advocacy of protecting our environment and provide eco-friendly services and products to ensure and preserve the natural beauty of the lawns. Soil nourishment as well as pest control are two such services which require the use of chemicals which can be harmful; and our expertise includes providing these services at the highest level with the least chemical effects.

That is why we recommend that for some customers that you go organic. There is no need to use chemicals that can damage the quality of the soil. If you want to hear a better scenario then how about organic materials which are both pest controllers as well as fertilizers? Here are some examples that you can find in your kitchen.

  1. Banana Peels

    • As a pest controller, it repels crawlers. Aphids are definitely not a fan.
    • As a fertilizer, banana peels are rich in potassium and are great if you plan to plant vegetables and flowers. Our experts suggest that they are in fact best with roses. Fertilizing roses with banana peels make the flower stronger, gives it more flowers and seducing fragrance.
  2. Egg Shells

    • Crushed egg shells are also a huge deterrent for slugs and snails. They can do damage to their bodies thus they will refrain from your veggies and flowers once hurt.
    • Crushing the egg shells and spreading them to your tomato garden makes them sweeter. Egg shells are rich in calcium and are definitely a wonderful addition for vegetables and flowers.

     3.  Coffee Grounds

Coffee GroundsAnts and garden bugs are definitely not a fan of coffee grounds. Spread them where there are visible presence of these pests.  They also contain Potassium, Phosphoric Acid and Nitrogen . Spread coffee grounds to soil layers of flowers, evergreen plants and berries. They can also be mixed with compost or soak the soil to the mixture of coffee grounds and water.



These are just a few of the many things that can be done that are helpful for your yard and garden that are very friendly to the environment.  We love to be eco-friendly.  If you are looking for a professional lawn care and landscape maintenance company to help with your yard this year, then please give us a call at (217) 899-0091.  We will be glad to come over to your house and give you a free, no obligation quote.  We have lots of people that speak well of us and have given a fantastic testimonial for us.  Check them out on our main website here: OurTestimonials

Also we have started to use a new website to list many of the places we publish online material.  Please check that out here: Our Batch Geo Page