brown dead grass in Springfield

Knowing What Causes Lawn Grass Damage and How to Prevent It From Happening

Nobody wants a lawn filled with brown dead grass. It’s just not appealing, and denotes a negative perspective to the lawn owners. Thus, here are some reasons for dying grass and what can be done to nourish it so that it will look better.  You can see the image of the brown grass on thebrown grass 62704

right side of this page.  Too many people let their lawns go to the place where they look like this.  This is definitely something that you do not want to happen to your yard.  This ugly looking grass will reflect poorly upon your house in the neighborhood.

Drought is one of the major and common reasons of dying grass.

It is a very common concern throughout the country, generally happening during the summer. One common mistake people make during summer season is not watering their lawn. When there is not enough rain to wet the ground, it could spell out disaster for lawn grass. Do we have a solution for dead grass? If the grass is totally dead, then there is no way of bringing them back to life. But when the grass is just dormant, constant irrigation for a month or more will surely bring them back.  Water the lawn regularly during summer, but be sure to water them deeply. Shallow watering may result to weaker roots, and these roots will definitely dry out in the summer heat. Thus, an inch of water enables grass to have deeper roots. Water only when necessary and when the grass appears to be wilted.

Thatch Can Be A Problem.

Thatch is decomposed cut grass or other plant substance that accumulate around the grasses. Most of the time, thatch is the reason for dry or brown areas in lawns. Removing deep and thick thatch, and retaining only three-fourths of an inch, will help grass breathe.  This is an area that lawn aeration can help.  If you are in need of fertilization and weed control in springfield IL then please check out our Springfield lawn care service page.

You need to understand some basic information about proper mowing.

Mowing is basically the most common way of taking care of the lawn, but improperly carrying out of the job can be a disaster. During the summer, regularly mow your lawn, but leave the grass with 2 ½ – 3 inches of length to sustain their growth in the heat without drying their roots.

Proper Fertilization and weed control is important in making your lawn look green and lush.

Too much watering, too much fertilization and obvious negligence will always damage your lawn, because these will attract pests and damage the plants. We have allotted a whole page on our main website about this issue.  Please check us out on one of our many Google my business pages.


Here are a few miscellaneous issues you must be aware of also.

  1. For lawns adjacent to roads, salt damage is pretty common. Soaking these areas with water may help dilute the salt, but when and if the damage is very serious, you have to consider reseeding that particular lawn area.
  2. Your pets may relieve themselves in areas of your lawn. If this happens, you have to constantly water the area until the grass recovers, and consequently discipline your pets.
  3. Noticeable scattered brown segments in the lawn may be caused by fungi. There are so many kinds of fungi that can damage the lawn, and when that happens you will have to call in the experts.

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