Pruning Springfield IL | Facts That Businesses and Homeowners Need To Know

We get asked many times, when is the best time to prune my trees and shrubs. Experts like us at Cutting Edge Yard Service know that the answer to that question depends upon what plant, bush or tree you are talking about. Pruning roses needs to be done differently than pruning apple trees or pruning shrubs.  For those of you in Springfield IL and Chatham IL and surrounding  towns that do not already know about pruning, let us explain what pruning is and why homeowners or businesses should consider getting their trees, shrubs and plants pruned.

Pruning Basic Information And Facts

Professional Pruning In Springfield ILSimply stated, pruning is the horticultural term used for the careful removal or cutting of specific parts of a tree or plant such as branches, buds or roots. Pruning in Springfield can be done on a preventative basis and on a maintenance basis. For the promotion of the health of the plant, the removal of dead or dying branches, whether caused by insects, animals or weather is important. Sometimes branches rub together and would also benefit from pruning. In addition to promoting health, pruning is done to improve the aesthetics of landscape, such as to aid in flower development, maintain healthy, dense hedges and bushes, and to shape gardens and improve the general appearance of all growth in your yard, from the smallest plants to the largest trees.

Here is some additional variety specific information about pruning that you may find helpful.

Pruning should be undertaken at certain times depending on the plant, tree, or bush involved. Late in the dormant season, in late winter, just before the beginning Pruning Roses In A Springfield IL Yardof spring growth is ideal in most instances. Some trees with free flowing sap, such as maple, birch and walnut, pruning is best done in late spring or early summer. Early blooming shrubs and trees should be pruned immediately after they have finished blooming. If you have a magnolia, chokecherry, lilac, azalea or cherry tree this applies to you.

Juniper Pruing In Springfield After Harsh Winter
Juniper Pruning In Springfield After Harsh Winter

Shrubs grown for cover versus flowering appearance should be pruned every spring before growth resumes. Some examples here are sumac, honeysuckle and barberry. Evergreens and pines seldom need pruning. However, special pruning can promote a more dense growth, if that’s what you prefer. These species can be pruned at any time.

Finally, some species grow all year round, such as arborvitae, hemlocks and junipers and they can be pruned a bit later- any time through the middle of summer.


Here is a homeowner that in Chatham IL that just kept putting off their pruning and ended up with a HUGE project on their hands.  Don’t wait this long and be left with this kind of mess!

Long OverDue Pruning Project
Long Overdue Pruning Project In Chatham IL

As you can see, depending on what flowering plants, bushes or trees that are used to help beautify you yard pruning can be an ongoing event. One challenge for many homeowners and businesses is knowing exactly what is growing in their yard. Species identification is vital in regards to proper care and maintenance. We at Cutting Edge Yard Service in Springfield are pruning experts. Just give us a call and we will come out and evaluate your yard, identify your plants, bushes and trees and help to set up a schedule that includes pruning and will help keep your yard beautiful and healthy year after year. We provide pruning services to residents and businesses in Springfield Illinois, Chatham IL, Sherman IL and everyone in the 62701, 62702, 62703, 62704, 62707, 62711, 62712, 62629, 62615, 62558, 62530, 62536, 62561 and 62684 zip codes.  Check out more about our great lawn care certified reviews.

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